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Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity and by its nature involves risks (both foreseeable and unforeseeable) of serious personal injury and/or death.  Lean Angle Inc.’s products are designed to offer performance against these risks, but NO PRODUCT CAN OFFER COMPLETE PROTECTION FROM INJURY OR DAMAGE TO INDIVIDUALS AND PROPERTY IN CASE OF A COLLISION, FALL, IMPACT, LOSS OF CONTROL OR OTHERWISE.  Every individual motorcyclist should be familiar with the sport of motorcycling and fully comprehend and be aware of the wide range of foreseeable hazards and decide whether to assume the risks in taking part in such a dangerous activity.  THE CAPABILITIES AND LIMITATIONS OF A MOTORCYCLE AND THE PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT MUST BE KNOWN BY THE MOTORCYCLE RIDER AND/OR PASSENGER PRIOR TO ENGAGING IN THE ACTIVITY OF MOTORCYCLING.  Lean Angle Inc. disclaims any responsibility for injuries incurred by wearing any of its protective equipment/products.  Lean Angle Inc. makes no guarantees or representations expressed or implied, regarding the extent to which its products protect individuals and/or property from injury, damage, and/or death.  Lean Angle Inc. makes no guarantees or representations whether expressed or implied regarding the fitness of its products for any particular purpose.

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